Thursday, 31 January 2008

Welcome to the Cafe del Lar

The Cafe del Lar doesn't exist, it's a figment of our imagination; a place where the sun slowly goes down over Seaforth not Sa Trinxa and the ferrys go to Woodside and Wallasey not Formentera and Barcelona.

Basically, it's our imaginary fusion of all things balearic placed in a scouse context; 'scallyeric' if you like. Attempting to bring together elements from Liverpool's own musical heritage and modern 'balearic' (however you define that term) ; from Lindisfarne to Lindstrom, it's all up for grabs.

From the watery wastelands of Waterloo and the rugged rubble of Runcorn, DJs & collectors, Ste & Phil aka Cafe del Lar have been producing fanzines, books & promoting various cultural events in Liverpool over the past 12 years. We won't bore you with the details.

We will, however, enthuse and abuse as we see fit and use this forum to post mixes we've put together, review records and interview people we like or admire.

So slap a bit of beef spread on a slice of Warby's and crack on it's aioli and don't see Birkenhead, see Es Vedre instead.

Ste Connor/Phil Thornton

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