Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Some bits & bobs that have helped us persuade our quack to reduce our Citalopram script over the last couple of weeks;
Dobie Gray - You Can Do It (Infinity)

Cash in disco with more than a hint of the Tony Orlandos about it, but a winner nonetheless.

Barbara Jones - Never Let Me Go (A Side)

A sunny 7 inches of prime Lovers, ideal for this unseasonably clement weather that we're currently enjoying.

Panda Bear - Good Girl/Carrots (Paw Tracks)

A tad shy of 13 minutes worth of Tribal drumming, gobbledey gook lyrics, Inuit throat singing, lurching dub basslines, Northern stomping, reverb, Tibetan finger cymbals & Noah Lennox's plaintive vocals. If you don't already own the magisterial "Person Pitch" might we humbly suggest going & availing yourself of it RIGHT FLIPPING NOW.

Jay Dee - Games & Funky Things (Instrumental) (Warners)

Barry White production formerly used as a theme by the Big Dawg 'imself, His Holiness Timothy of Westwood for his wireless programme - recently snagged on a 7 for 20p in one of the all too infrequent CDL Charity Shop snatch missions.

Lovefingers - Kentucky (RVNG)

Christ alone knows what the original is but ol' Funky Spingers is bang on the dough with his edit, the get.

The Bee Gees - Love You Inside & Out (RSO)

Quite how that intro hasn't been pilfered for sampling purposes is beyond my admittedly limited ken, unless of course it has; in which case disregard this dreck.

Bill Nelson - Another Willingly Opened Window (Mercury)

The former Be Bop Deluxer heads right up his own hoop on this "experimental" LP from 1981 but this the opener on Side 2 makes the rest of the guff worth sticking with.

The Glimmer Twins - Music For Dreams (Glimmers)

With those frankly sickeningly talented Nordic types Lindstrom & Prins Thomas on board for the ride this is one of the stand out cuts from their "The Glimmers are Gee Gee Fazzi" see-dy.

Terry Riley - A Rainbow In Curved Air (CBS)

If there was an award for the most cloyingly idealistic sleevenotes, this LP'd win by a country mile but as there isn't currently any such award (nor is there likely to be if we're being honest) the 18 or so predominantly beatless minutes that make up side 1 will just have to do.

Hercules/Love Affair feat Anthony - Blind (DFA)

In any right minded society this'd piss all over the records set by Bryan Adams/Smack Smack Smack for the longest running Number 1 of all time, EVER! but we don't so it won't - comfort yourself by simply listening to it time & time again. Lush as a last minute derby winner.

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